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EP #246: Michael Cunniff with The Super Agency and Fairway IMC

May 28, 20241 min read

What Makes Michael Cunniff with The Super Agency and Fairway IMC a Good Neighbor...

Unlock the secrets of digital marketing mastery as Michael Cunniff, a marketing sage from the Super Agency and Fairway IMC, joins us for a captivating exchange. Michael's transformative journey from print to digital unveils a treasure trove of insights for thriving in today's fast-paced digital marketplace. From the rise of social media to the bedrock of SEO, you'll learn how to navigate the evolving landscape of marketing strategies, all while keeping your feet firmly planted in humility and gratitude. 

Dive headfirst into the realities local business owners face when marketing in the digital realm. Michael and I explore micro-targeting – the beacon guiding businesses through the crowded social media sea. We unravel the art of crafting authentic content that resonates with your core audience and the role video content, a stellar web presence, and local advertising play in propelling your business forward. This conversation is a blueprint for those looking to partner with marketing mavens to sculpt campaigns that truly speak to their audience.

As we wrap up, the imperative nature of cross-industry collaboration comes into focus. You'll hear about the profound impact of diversity in marketing teams, akin to the many hands that make a movie. I share insights from my role as Marketing Director at Fairway, from the unique ethos guiding our team to the societal implications of real estate in fostering generational wealth. Prepare to be inspired to embrace growth, foster connections, and discover the power of simplicity, with the digital universe at your fingertips. Join us for this episode that's as much about the heart of human connection as it is about the transformative potential of social media.

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