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EP #247: Judy Dempsey with Summit Questa Montessori Schools

June 03, 20241 min read

What Makes Judy Dempsey with Summit Questa Montessori Schools a Good Neighbor...

Curious about how Montessori education can transform your child's learning experience? You'll want to tune in as Judy Dempsey, the visionary founder and principal of Summit Questa Montessori Schools, opens up about the groundbreaking principles of Montessori education pioneered by Dr. Maria Montessori. Discover how mixed-age classrooms, hands-on learning materials, and personalized education plans empower children to thrive at their own pace, nurturing their social, emotional, and academic growth in ways that traditional public schools often cannot match.

Explore the many holistic benefits of Montessori education, where the development of a child's well-being extends beyond academics to include social, emotional, and physical growth. Judy shares the unique features of Summit Cuesta, a school set on 10 acres of gardens and home to various farm animals and school pets. Uncover how children are encouraged to engage with their environment through nurturing activities, mindfulness practices, and even financial literacy, all aiming to create a balanced and joyful learning experience.

Lastly, Judy's personal journey is nothing short of inspiring. Learn how she overcame the odds, including battling cancer and financial hardships, to build a thriving educational institution. With a heartfelt reflection on the importance of family support and perseverance, Judy emphasizes the values of respect, collaboration, and appreciating the unique contributions of every individual. This episode is a treasure trove of inspiration and practical insights for anyone passionate about creating nurturing educational environments.

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