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EP #248: Eric Salinas with EL-Mag Insurance Corp

June 05, 20241 min read

What Makes Eric Salinas with EL-Mag Insurance Corp a Good Neighbor...

How does one navigate the leap from a traditional IT career to a thriving role in the insurance industry? Join us as we sit down with Eric Salinas from EL-Mag Insurance Corp to explore his extraordinary journey. Discover how Eric transitioned from feeling isolated in IT to finding fulfillment and connection in the senior market of health and life insurance. Learn about the unique challenges and rewards of working in a family-run business, and why face-to-face interactions are more critical than ever in the post-COVID world.

Eric shares invaluable insights into the senior insurance market, explaining why it's more streamlined due to government regulations. He also highlights the significance of comprehensive consultations, often lasting over two hours, which help build trust and understanding with senior clients. Eric’s story is not just about a career shift but also about personal growth and overcoming fears. Tune in to hear the heartwarming origins of the El-Mag Insurance name and gain strategies for streamlining business processes and engaging target audiences. Whether you’re considering a career leap or looking for expert advice on retirement and financial planning, this episode has something for everyone.

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