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EP #239: Alejandro Echeverry with Stiles Architecture

May 01, 20241 min read

What Makes Alejandro Echeverry with Stiles Architecture a Good Neighbor...

Stiles Architecture's Alejandro Echeverry  joins us for a journey through the architectural veins of South Florida, where his team's creativity pulses with every skyline alteration. From the inception of Best Roofing's new digs to bringing vital healthcare facilities to Riviera Beach's underserved, Alejandro weaves tales of transformation, both of structures and skylines, while also sharing his own fascinating transition from Colombia to the heart of Indiana, and now, as a pivotal force within the dynamic architectural scene of Fort Lauderdale.

The conversation takes an intimate turn as we celebrate the region's post-pandemic business bounce-back and the flourishing local architecture that's framing the future of Fort Lauderdale. Alejandro opens the door to his world beyond blueprints and buildings, revealing how he juggles the roles of industry innovator with family man — all while debunking myths that shroud the world of architecture, proving that exceptional design isn't just a luxury, it's a standard that's accessible to all. For those itching to connect with the visionaries at Stiles Architecture, this episode points you in the right direction, whether your ambitions are set on commercial magnificence or residential bliss.

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