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EP #251: Armando Sariol and Amanda Varallo with Top Green Landscaping

EP #251: Armando Sariol and Amanda Varallo with Top Green Landscaping

July 01, 20241 min read

What Makes Armando Sariol and Amanda Varallo with Top Green Landscaping a Starz Good Neighbor...

Get ready to uncover the inspiring story of Armando Sariol, who transitioned from a career in IT to founding Top Green Landscaping. Armando, alongside Amanda Varallo, shares how his love for the great outdoors led to a successful business that spans both Broward and Miami-Dade counties, providing comprehensive landscaping services. From design and installation to lighting and artificial turf, their team tackles both commercial and residential projects with an unmatched passion for nature. Amanda gives us a glimpse into her pivotal role in managing schedules and client relationships, all while emphasizing the importance of teamwork in bringing customer visions to life.

Armando's unique background in IT has turned out to be a surprising asset in landscape design, showcasing the innovative integration of technology and creativity. Learn how server maintenance and IT support skills translate into effective landscape design using software like Real-time Landscaping. We also clear up common misconceptions about the industry, highlight budget-friendly solutions, and discuss the importance of regular maintenance. From door-to-door marketing to leveraging Google ads for growth, the duo shares valuable lessons about family involvement, community support, and the entrepreneurial spirit that drives their success. Join us for an episode rich with personal stories, practical insights, and a celebration of the hard work behind Top Green Landscaping.

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