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Casa Salsa: Where Angie Zumaran's Passion for Dance Creates Community

May 16, 20242 min read


Since 2007, Casa Salsa has been more than just a dance studio—it's where individuals of all backgrounds come together to celebrate the joy of Latin dance. My recent experience at Casa Salsa solidified this sentiment most remarkably. After a Valentine's Day romantic resurgence with my wife, I decided to continue the trend and booked us a surprise salsa dance lesson. What I thought would be a clumsy attempt turned into an amazing experience. Under the guidance of owner and lead instructor, Angie Zumaran, I discovered that I could dance and quickly caught on. Seeing the joy on my wife's face as we danced together was priceless. It was such a rewarding experience that we've decided to return for group classes, eager to continue our dance journey together. Angie's dedication to creating a welcoming and supportive environment shines through in every aspect of Casa Salsa's ethos.

Angie Zumaran began her journey with Casa Salsa as a studio manager, then transitioned into an instructor role, before realizing her dream of owning the studio. Her path was guided by a deep love for dance and a vision of creating a welcoming space for others to share in this passion.

Under Angie's leadership, Casa Salsa embodies the belief that dance is for everyone. The studio's mission is clear: to provide a supportive environment where students can learn and enjoy Latin dance styles, led by experienced instructors dedicated to fostering a sense of community

What sets Casa Salsa apart is its commitment to inclusivity and fun. Angie understands that stepping into a dance class can be nerve-wracking, so she prioritizes creating a safe and enjoyable atmosphere. Combining expertise with humor, instructors ensure students learn the steps while feeling at ease throughout their journey.

For Angie, the most rewarding aspect of her work is witnessing the transformative power of dance. Beyond the steps and rhythms, Casa Salsa fosters connections, promotes well-being, and inspires individuals to express themselves freely.

Originally from Lima, Peru, Angie brings a rich cultural heritage to Casa Salsa. After studying Business Administration in California, she relocated to Florida in search of new opportunities. Little did she know, this move would lead her to realize her passion for dance and entrepreneurship.

Outside of the studio, Angie enjoys spending time with her family, including her beloved pet rabbit. Her Peruvian heritage, combined with her experiences in California and Florida, has shaped her perspective and infused Casa Salsa with a unique blend of warmth and diversity.

At Casa Salsa, dance isn't just a pastime—it's a way of life. Whether you're a seasoned dancer or taking your first steps, you'll find a welcoming community ready to embrace you. Come join us at Casa Salsa and discover the transformative power of dance.

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