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Florida's Impact Window and Door Company: Empowering Homeowners through MSFH Program Updates

May 16, 20242 min read


Jeff Trapanese, Owner of JTM Windows and Doors

Dear Florida homeowners,

Exciting news is on the horizon for all of us! Thanks to recent updates from the Legislation Session set to kick in on July 1, 2024, our state is in for a significant positive change. As the owner of JTM Windows and Doors, I am thrilled to share this update with you.

The Legislature has earmarked an additional $200 million in funding for the upcoming fiscal year. This means a substantial boost in support for wind mitigation upgrades across our Sunshine State. With over 18,000 additional grants joining the 38,000 already distributed, we are looking at fortifying homes like never before.

What's even more promising is the real impact seen by participants in the My Safe Florida Home (MSFH) program. Those who have received insurance discounts are enjoying an average savings of $1,000 on their premiums. It's a testament to the effectiveness of the program and the satisfaction of homeowners benefiting from it.

In preparation for this influx of support, we have temporarily closed the application portal. But fear not; come July 1, we'll be ready to reopen and welcome a new wave of applications under the enhanced funding.

One notable change coming on July 1 is the freedom for homeowners to choose any licensed Florida contractor for MSFH improvements. This change eliminates the previous requirement of using an authorized program contractor, offering homeowners a broader range of choices. However, it's important to note that the registration and payment process for LOW-INCOME Grant Contractors remains unchanged.

Additionally, applications will now be processed and prioritized based on specific criteria, ensuring equitable access to assistance. For instance:

- Low-income homeowners age 60+: July 1

- Low-income homeowners: July 16-31

- Moderate-income homeowners age 60+: August 1–15

- Moderate-income homeowners: August 16–30

- All other eligible Florida homeowners: September 1

This update heralds not just increased funding but also a streamlined process that promises to benefit both homeowners and Florida's contractor community. It's truly a win-win scenario, fostering safer homes, substantial insurance savings, and boosting business opportunities for local contractors. 

We urge everyone to spread the word about the importance of wind mitigation upgrades. To make this easier, we've included links to informative videos detailing the significance of these upgrades.

Rest assured, we are diligently updating our program and system to accommodate these changes, and you can expect more detailed information to follow soon.

As a trusted leader in the industry, JTM Windows and Doors is committed to delivering exceptional craftsmanship and personalized service to ensure your complete satisfaction with every project.

Thank you for being a valued part of the MSFH program. Together, we're making Florida homes safer and more resilient.

For expert guidance and assistance with your window and door needs, feel free to reach out to me at (954) 667-3JTM or by email at jeff@JTMwindowsanddoors.com.


Warm regards,


Jeff Trapanese

Owner, JTM Windows and Doors


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