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Revolutionizing Podiatric Care: Advanced Techniques and Compassionate Expertise

Revolutionizing Podiatric Care: Advanced Techniques and Compassionate Expertise

June 25, 20242 min read
Revolutionizing Podiatric Care: Advanced Techniques and Compassionate Expertise

By: Dr. Lauren Dabakaroff

At LMD Podiatry, we are revolutionizing podiatric care through advanced techniques and procedures to ensure our patients remain active and pain-free. Our clinic specializes in both common and complex foot surgeries, leveraging cutting-edge technology and minimally invasive methods to enhance patient outcomes.

Common Podiatric Surgeries

We frequently perform bunion and hammer toe corrections. Bunions, caused by a misalignment of the joint at the base of the big toe, lead to pain and deformity. Our surgical approach aims to realign the joint, restoring both function and appearance to the foot. Similarly, hammer toe surgery addresses the discomfort of crooked toes by straightening them to improve function and alleviate pain.

 Advanced Procedures

Flat foot reconstruction is a critical surgery for patients suffering from painful flat feet. This complex procedure is tailored to each patient's specific needs and involves detailed x-ray assessments to meticulously plan the surgery. Techniques may include implant insertion, heel bone realignment, or joint fusion, all designed to restore the foot’s natural arch and relieve pain.

 Innovations in Preoperative Planning

3D imaging technology, particularly 3D CT scans, has transformed our surgical planning process. By visualizing the foot’s bones in three dimensions, we can plan precise corrective measures. MRI scans complement this by providing detailed soft tissue assessments, further enhancing our surgical outcomes.

 Minimally Invasive Techniques

For less severe conditions, such as minor hammer toe deformities, minimally invasive surgery offers significant benefits. These procedures, performed under local anesthesia in our office, reduce recovery time and discomfort, making the process more convenient for patients. By staying updated with these techniques, we ensure the highest standard of care.

The Future of Podiatric Surgery

Our field is poised for further advancements with 3D printing and robotics. 3D-printed bones are emerging as a promising alternative for patients needing bone replacements due to arthritis, offering a more personalized and effective treatment option.


A significant advancement in bunion surgery at our clinic is the Lapiplasty 3D Bunion Correction. This technology refines traditional Lapidus surgery using specialized instruments and plates to realign the bunion with precision, reducing recovery time and allowing patients to bear weight sooner.

Importance of Regular Check-ups

Regular foot check-ups are crucial for early intervention. Early detection through simple x-rays can prevent many issues from escalating, allowing for timely treatment with either invasive or non-invasive methods.

At LMD Podiatry, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality care, whether it’s for athletes overcoming foot pain or individuals with chronic foot issues. Our goal is to keep patients moving comfortably and confidently through advanced surgical techniques and routine check-ups. My team and I combine expertise with compassion to ensure our patients' feet remain the foundation of their mobility. For healthier feet, regular check-ups are recommended to prevent pain from hindering daily activities. Visit LMD Podiatry for comprehensive podiatric care.

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